Kevin is a designer based in Lexington, Kentucky, with experience in print and digital. Having worked in marketing, online, and advertising for more than 30 years, he has a wealth of experience developing creative, functional, and visually appealing design solutions.
He is currently the Graphic Design Coordinator for the Department of Criminal Justice Training. 
Contact him at kbrumfield@twc.com.

Kevin is an exceptionally talented designer in both the digital and the print world. He creates professional-level video for use online and TV and can also design and create and support materials required whether in print or online. Kevin can take a concept from discussion level to final completion.
He is exacting in his attention to detail, self-directed and reliable.
I worked directly with Kevin for years and always managed to keep him on my team when I changed positions. Kevin was one of the most valued colleagues on my team. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat. He has my highest recommendation.
Mary Beth (Epple) Jewell
Vice President of Marketing & Kentucky.com, Lexington-Herald-Leader (retired)
Kevin and I worked together during my tenure as the Vice President of Advertising with the Lexington Herald-Leader & Kentucky.com. Kevin is one of the most talented and versatile creatives in the business. He was a pleasure to work with and always did a terrific job.
Jeff Anderson
Vice President & General Manager, Lexington-Herald-Leader (former)
Kevin's creative talents go beyond words, his designs are intuitive. Kevin is great to work with whether developing a new concept or spinning a twist on something old, tried, and true. His graphic design knowledge is extensive and he is always fine-tuning his skills to remain up to date with the newest technology. Kevin is organized, efficient, and always meets deadlines. His videography talent was an extremely valuable asset to the Lexington Herald-Leader. His work ethic is above reproach. Anyone that is lucky enough to work with Kevin will enjoy his talent. Kevin is extremely humble about his creative talents but should be applauded for his contributions.
Julie Murgatroyd
Circulation Director, Lexington-Herald-Leader (former)
Kevin is very talented in both the print and digital areas. His work is creative, effective, and very well thought out. Kevin is very dependable and a top-notch professional. I enjoyed working with Kevin and would highly recommend him.
Heather McGinnis
National/Major Sales Director at McClatchy

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